Catherine & McClure Interiors is a full-service interior design firm with over 20 years of experience in the design industry. It is our philosophy that your needs, lifestyle and tastes are the building blocks of our design process. To your unique tastes, we add layers of texture and refined luxury, creating functional and exquisite spaces that reflect you, at your very best.

At Catherine & McClure we draw on our team of experienced professionals. From furnishing to fabric, to window treatments and custom cabinetry, we not only create beautiful designs, we have the resources to bring those designs to life. Catherine & McClure can assist you through all phases of new construction, remodeling, or simply bringing new life to your current home.

Theme & Palette

Develop overall theme and color palette for each space drawing inspiration from the home’s character and settings, and the client’s personality.


Select finishes, including kitchen & bath fixtures, custom cabinetry, hardware, stone, tile, wood and carpet for flooring.

Floor Plan & Finishing

Develop the floor plan and furnishings for each room, including fabrics, upholstery, furniture, lighting, accessories, window treatments and the acquisition and installation of artwork.

Project Management

Provide full service project management throughout, coordinating with contractors and architects, including scheduling, delivery, installation, and painting for all furniture and finishes.