Catherine & McClure Interiors: The Newton Reveal Continues

Here at Catherine & McClure Interiors, a Boston based interior design company, we are continuing the reveal one of our most recently completed projects in Newton, MA.  In the last post, we revealed the kitchen and family room the interior design of which was a careful balance of masculine and feminine decor.  Once the design for those rooms was complete, the homeowners gave us the go ahead for the master bedroom, a space they were very excited to makeover and one that was to have little to no masculine influence.  We worked mainly with the wife on the design and like the family room and kitchen, this room unfolded quite naturally.  We all agreed that the feel in the bedroom should be kept light, romantic, and serene.  We chose to keep the color palette to shades of lavender and white, inspired by the beautiful Designers Guild fabric used on the upholstered bed, then bring in lots of color in the art.  We added a sitting area with two chaises side by side.  We love to put chaises in a bedroom.  They are the perfect place to kick your feet up, read, watch TV or take a little afternoon nap (Oooh, that sounds good).

Master bedroom in various shades of lavender feels serene and romantic.

Master bedroom in various shades of lavender feels serene and romantic.

The sitting area in the master bedroom exudes elegance and comfort.

The sitting area in the master bedroom exudes elegance and comfort.

A space off of the bedroom that might otherwise have been overlooked is the small pass thru from the hallway to the bedroom. We decided to play up this area up because you really see it from the bedroom and we didn’t want it to feel disjointed.  We love how this little entryway sets a glamorous tone for the master suite.  Although it’s a small space, it makes a grand statement thanks to a stunning Swarovski crystal chandelier, lovely vintage floral prints in beveled mirrored frames, and French style ladies desk and chair.

Ladies office attached to master suite.

Entryway into the master suite sets a glamorous tone.

The master bedroom is quite large and so we wanted to find ways to fill it efficiently and still keep it feeling very open and airy.  Before we began working with these clients, they had discussed breaking down a wall in order to expand one of the closets.  We looked at the space where they wanted to build a closet and gave them another idea.  Let our cabinetmaker build you custom closets right in the bedroom.  Then, there will be no need to break down walls, it will preserve the openness of the room, it will provide ample closet space, and it will look beautiful!  So, that’s what they did.  We love how the mirrored fronts reflect the rest of the bedroom.

Custom mirrored front closets and ottoman add elegance to this bedroom.

Custom mirrored front closets and pouf top ottoman

We hope you are enjoying the reveal of this house so far.  Stay tuned for the rest of the reveal and please check out our website Catherine & McClure Interiors to see more pictures of this home and other homes designed by Catherine & McClure Interiors.



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